Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Deadlines, Nesting, and Going Hungry

E's upcoming neurosurgery has added extra push to our lives. Our latest project has been relocating S upstairs. Until recently, S refused to consider leaving E's side. But something happened to warm her to the idea of her own room.

I'm grateful for the change of heart. Once E returns from the hospital, it'll be easier to check in on her at night, and give her the meds she needs without worrying about disturbing S.

All in all, the change has been an exciting one. Not only have we discarded years of clutter, we've reclaimed another upstairs room. Four and half years ago the room was E's. When she came home after the aneurysm unable to navigate stairs, it ended up as storage.

The move hasn't been painless. Our 17-year old, L, was less than thrilled when we first started rearranging furniture. Can't really blame her. After all, she's had the entire second floor to herself since E moved out. Took a few days of retraining, but L's finally remembering to close doors when multitasking on the computer, or blow-drying her hair.

Another downside: my office is lined with boxes again. Oh well. Decluttering will have to wait until after E's on the recovery side of surgery. Until then I'll have an incentive to work on creative, because once I'm inside my story, the clutter disappears.

Appetite for writing: Hungry, but unable to satisfy my muse. Spent the majority of my uninterrupted time today trapped in insurance hell, and making last-minute health clearance appointments for E.

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