Friday, February 03, 2006

Party Prep Frenzy

Since surgery's scheduled for the 8th--the day before E's 14th birthday, we're celebrating early. Tonight, we host a sleepover for a handful of E's closest friends.

E's been in such a good place lately, she's been fully involved in the party planning. For cake, she insists on chocolate with white buttercream frosting and red roses. For drinks, she wants the teeny tiny cans of soda I refuse to pay for on any other occasion. For dinner, there'll be pizza, and mini hot dogs drenched in bbq sauce.

We've still plenty left to do before we're ready. Dishes. Clutter clean-up. Bakery stop. Added to the frenzy is the fact that E must leave school early today for yet another pre-surgery doctor's visit.

Doctor's visits. Blech. I'm tired of doctors. And if I'm tired, E must be sick and tired. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever put the surgery behind us. Problem is the docs keep finding something else to "clear" before the team's allowed to operate.

Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for the careful planning. After all, it increases the chances of the surgery's success. Yet, here's the thing. Shouldn't there be a point when someone steps up, takes ownership, and says, "Okay, that's enough prep. Let's just do it?"

Sounds cynical, I know. But here's the thing. The docs have known about this aneurysm since June. June! It's still counter-intuitive for me to get why they consider the surgery elective. I know the operation comes with a lot of risk. But June?

Come on, Powers That Be. Let surgery be a go next week. Let it go without complications. Make tonight's b-day celebration one to remember, and one to top with a bang-up party for E once she's on the upside of recovery.


Carol said...

Have fun with the sleepover!

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. But also talk to those reluctant doctors (if they stay reluctant) about your gut instincts. One of the first things I learned in physical therapy school was: TRUST THE MOM.

Happy Birthday to E. We'll say a special prayer for her.

sarah a.