Saturday, February 11, 2006

We've Got the Power

Woohoo to the power of prayer.

Word went out on various listserves yesterday, and LOTs of people must be praying, meditating, and sending positive thoughts E's way because she had a great night. What's more, she woke up chipper and cheerful with a hearty appetite.

She's so much on the upside of healing now, docs say today's goal is to graduate from peds ICU to the observation floor and from there to a regular room.

Here's the best news: E is on schedule to be released early next week. Maybe even Monday. Wow. In and out of the hospital in less than a week after brain surgery. I am awed and humbled.

P.S. Keep sending the positive thoughts for healing. We'll take what we need and pass on an extra to the nurses and docs and other patients on the floor.

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