Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Year That Went to the Dogs

Is anybody out there? There? There? There? There?

This is my first post since last April, and as I type this entry, I can't help but wonder if even my most loyal followers have moved on. But for those of you who are still out there; for my characters who most likely have disowned me; for my loyal muse who has been starved for attention for far too long; and for fellow writers who wrestle daily with the challenge of balancing work and family, and sitting butt in chair to give your stories a voice, this post is for you.

2011. In our Christmas letter, we called it the Year That Went to the Dogs. It's an apt title for a crappy year, one I would never wish on anyone, not even my enemies.

Detailing what happened would take too much space and energy for a post here; so, I'll give you the Cliff Notes version. My middle daughter Elena ended up needing three brain surgeries last year. By the grace of God she came through them all. But between all the hospital stays, tests, therapies, doctors visits, and follow ups, there was little time left for writing.

Probably my biggest accomplishment in 2011 was honoring Elena by launching and maintaining a webpage on where friends and loved ones can read Elena's story, keep track of her progress in an online journal, and leave notes of encouragement in a virtual guestbook. If you're looking for details about Elena's journey, you're invited to visit her site. It's an ongoing story, one that's still unfolding. Click here and search for elenawinters. If you're new to CaringBridge you'll need to create an account in order to view the page, but it's free and easy to do, and a good way to stay connected.