Monday, February 06, 2006

Coming Down to the Wire

P and I haven't decided yet who'll be taking E downtown tomorrow. We do want one of us to stay home with E and S, and get them off to school before the other drives to the hospital.

Both girls say they want to go to school Wednesday, which is fine by us. The routine will help keep them busy during the six-hour surgery.

Wow. I wish we had something useful to do during that time. An artic chill has replaced the balmy weather we've been having lately. So, I'm afraid it'll be too cold to walk to Lincoln Park Zoo. We'll probably hang at Ronald McDonald House, chat with the family members who're coming down to sit with us, play mindless cards games, and channel surf. Anything to keep our minds out of the OR.

The docs have told us not to bring the girls up to see E until Thursday or Friday, probably because she'll be out of it the first 24 hours. Me? I'll be thrilled if E does what the doc promises--regains consciousness the same day of surgery.

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