Friday, February 24, 2006

In Flux and Murdering My Darling

I don't think I'll ever get used to transitioning from hospital time to real time. The closest analogy I can make to the real world is comparing the switch to changing the course of an aircraft carrier.

It ain't easy.

Appetite for writing: Munchy.

Current project: Final revisions to my entry for the current SCBWI writing contest. I don't usually submit to the contest because I often learn about it too late. But the timing was right this month, and something about the prompt (and the 75-word limit) inspired and challenged me.

On deck: crits for various writing buddies, followed by the ritual killing of my darling in KM, my current work-in-progress. *Shivers slightly* Ugh. Just announcing my plans for my darling leaves me feeling a bit sickish. And yet, if I want to quilt the pieces of my novel together in an aesthetic way, it has to go.

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