Tuesday, January 29, 2008

E's Zac Efron Adventure a Page Turner in the Making

I can't help but keep a nervous eye on the weather as we prep for E's trip to LA tomorrow to meet Zac. The entire Chicago area is under a winter storm warning until midday Wednesday. I've been wishing for a Chicago winter like the ones I remember, the kind where the snow keeps falling and doesn't have a chance to thaw until spring. But not today. Today's timing is lousy. We're supposed to fly out of O'Hare mid morning tomorrow.

The parallel between life and fiction at this moment is unmistakable. Consider the set up: Enter E the day of her trip. She is layered in High School musical gear, her suitcase on her right side, her faithful service dog Jewel on her left. E stares out the window at the blowing snow. Jewel nudges E's hand, as if the pup knows her owner is worried. The camera cuts away to E's mom hunched over her laptop, Weather Underground confirming the worst snow storm of the New Year. Cue appropriate music (sympathetic yet tense). End the episode and cue the narrator. Will E get to the airport on time as the storm rages and traffic crawls along the expressways? Will the plane take off for LA at its designated time or be stranded in Chicago? And what about Zac? If the flight is postponed or canceled, will he wait for E to arrive?

Stay tuned. Same bat channel.

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