Monday, February 04, 2008

Zac All That and More

E's wish came true and then some. After a string of mechanical difficulties delayed our flight two and half hours (and I seriously considered deplaning for fear of the gremlins), we arrived safely in LA at the height of rush hour Wednesday. Two plus hours later we found the hotel, where we learned that our visit with Zac would happen the very next day.

Thursday mid afternoon a limo arrived at the hotel in Studio City to take us to a house in the hills above Hollywood (the same neighborhood, we're told, where Leonardo DiCaprio lives) to meet Zac on the set of his new movie, 17.

While E and the three other Make a Wish children and their families waited for Zac to arrive on the set, P & I salivated over the house. Props had worked it over so it reflected the character who lived there. The place was like a museum to scifi/fantasy geeks, decked out in Stars Wars, Lord of the Rings and other scifi/fantasy paraphenalia. Darth Vadar greeted us in the foyer. Storm trooper helmets decorated the tops of book cases filled with collectible comics. A sword in a stone stood on the carpet near the front window. A two-handed broadsword hung near the front door. An elvish sword, Arwen's blade according to one of the crew, graced a window ledge in the kitchen. We studied as many as we could until Zac arrived.

The room went quiet when he entered. E twittered along with the rest of the Wish kids. Jewel perked up her ears, and thumped her tail. Zac broke the ice. "Hello everybody," he said. He was dressed in jeans and a red plaid shirt and white gym shoes. He started on the far side of the room, visiting with each child in a way that made it seem as if he had all the time in the world.

When it came time for Zac to greet E, he knelt on one knee, coming down to her level. Jewel, who'd been laying there in her red vest so nice and proper, couldn't resist Zac. She scooched to his side, tail thumping, and rolled over just so, so that he could scratch her stomach.

"Hey, there," he said with a smile, "whose pooch is this?"

E claimed the honor, and suddenly Jewel was in Zac's lap and licking his face with E grinning her butt off the whole time. Zac, who has dogs of his own (Australian shepherds, according to the tabloids), seemed to love the attention. With one hand scratching Jewel, he asked E about herself and offered to sign the back of her shirt (All my love, Zac). To say Zac made E's day would be an understatement. He's got a fan for life.

Later, after he worked his way around the room, taking time with siblings, too, he visited with E again. She gave him treats for his dogs. He fed a couple to Jewel then saved some in his pocket, saying he'd share it with his dog. If you see 17, watch for the scene when Zac's character wakes up in bed thinking his being 17 again was all a bad dream. That's the scene he shot after leaving the room with the treats in his pocket. We're fairly certain they were still in his pocket when he was filming. E, of course, is tickled by this bit of behind-the-scenes trivia.

More later after we decompress.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great experience. I am glad you guys had a great time. Sorry about the flight. The airlines are unpredictable.

All the best Max, Rachel and Steve Lappe