Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bonehead writer's stunt

Did I mention I broke my foot? The happy event happened a few weeks ago, the result of a bonehead writer's stunt.

My typical "doh" writer's moments usually occur while sitting butt in chair. Even after setting an alarm, I've been known to write my way through my kids' pick up times, forget meetings, and burn dinner.

The day I broke my foot I was fully engaged in my latest KM rewrite. After a particularly intense scene, I took a break to stretch my back and change over a load of laundry. I left the keyboard still deep inside my story. Big mistake. On the way downstairs with laundry basket in hand, I was too distracted by my characters to remember the snow boots at the bottom of the stairs. The boot went one way, my foot went the other. I heard the bone pop as I crashed to the floor.

The story Jane Resh Thomas shared with readers in the January issue of Edge of the Forest came to mind as I lay writhing at the base of the stairs. I can use this someday, I groaned. I can use this.

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Anonymous said...

Kim! I'm so sad to read that your foot is broken! Ouch! Hope you're doing OK in a cast and that you don't also need crutches. Hugs, Aunt Carol