Monday, March 03, 2008

Writer in the Twilight Zone

No posts in a while because E's sick. A flu bug of some sort hit her without warning mid last week. Operating on little or no sleep. Too little to make sense out of what my characters are trying to tell me. Hip deep in Motrin, Tylenol, inhalers and heavy duty cough syrup. Nearly rushed to the hospital end of last week after our arsenal of tried and true weapons vs. cold/flu bugs gave out. Thankfully, something changed during the night that delayed the trip. On Friday, the pediatrician said she's been swamped with kids with the flu. It's nasty this year. Doesn't seem to matter if the person got a vaccination. We're trying desperately to keep our heads above water here. I got something over the weekend. E's cough is still keeping her up at night, which means this sleep-deprived writer has now officially entered the Twilight Zone. I need a caffeine IV.

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