Friday, March 28, 2008

One Writer's Update: This, That and The Sweet Far Thing

Just When We Thought It Was Over
E's finishing up week four of illness, but at least there's an end in sight. After starting yet another round of antibiotics over Easter weekend, she's finally well enough to make it through the day without a nap. We visit the pulmonologist today to see what we should be doing to prevent another setback as we enter allergy season.

Teen Writer's Workshop
Teen Writer's group meets this afternoon. Today's topic is dialogue. The working title for the group exercise J&A have planned: Behind the Blanket. To illustrate the importance of including inner dialogue, action, and body language when writing dialogue we plan to pair two "volunteers" behind a blanket with instructions to read the lines from selected book passages without feeling, inflections, etc. Then we plan to drop the curtain and have them act out the scene with expression and tag lines and maybe even props.

On J's and my personal agenda: starting with today's session keep a master file about what worked and what didn't. Reference said file at a later date as we prep for our presentation about teen writer's workshops (and how to get one started at your library) at the Illinois Library Association conference in September.

Current Read: Libba Bray's The Sweet Far Thing.

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