Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sending Up an SOS

Okay. So, we've been hunkered down with E since February 27th when she came home early from school coughing up a storm. Dr. S diagnosed an ear infection a couple days later on Leap Day. E started meds that evening. The fever responded quickly. The cough not so much.

Twice we've tried sending E back to school thinking she was on the mend. Both attempts failed. The exposure to the cold or the dry school environment or something else triggered horrible coughing fits that sent her home early both days.

I'm used to E's colds setting her back a long time, but not this long. This year, despite a regular routine of nebulizer treatments and heavy duty cough meds, she's not bouncing back as quickly.

Seeing as I'm sleep deprived (E hasn't slept through the night since this all began), there's probably something I'm missing. I put in a call with the doctor's nurse recently in hopes that we can brainstorm.

Writing report: Dribbles here and there when my muse allows.

Current read: Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, a recommendation from fellow critigue group member, A, and a must read for vampire fans.

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Anonymous said...

I hope E. feels better soon. We have been passing around the cough cold, bronchitis and pneumonia over here, so things are definitely in the air. Be strong!
Sue A.