Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Writer On the Run

Reasons why I'm a bit crazed today:

1. Crit group today. Traveled to Monee this am to meet up with J & A for our biweekly get together. Ours is a working meeting, held mid morning through lunch time with each member getting a minimum of 45 minutes to hear what's working and what raised questions about her submission. Some of today's more lengthy discussion topics: ways to deepen a character's emotional throughline, techniques for strengthening a story opening, and approaches for reworking an entire scene. As always, I came away energized and inspired. And like always, I made notes on the way home, and tried not to drive myself off I-80 in the process.

2. O'dark thirty BIC time. This morning I dragged myself out of bed WAY TOO EARLY (the alarm went off at 5 am) to write in the dark. Did it without caffeine this time in order to keep myself as close to a dream/creative state as possible (a recommendation made by Jane Resh Thomas). Amazed by how close my characters were and by how much coherent work I managed to produce sans my usual mug of tea. Though I'm less than thrilled with how tired I am right now, I'm encouraged enough by the exercise to try it again tomorrow.

3. Preparing to attend a local Romance Writer's of America chapter meeting tonight. Looking forward to the topic: "Write More, Stress Less," because I always appreciate hearing how other writers honor their creative process. I'm also looking forward to networking. I've a been a card-carrying member of the group for a couple or three years (the monthly magazine alone is worth the annual membership fee), and I've attended several members only events. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time or energy to do much more than that locally. I hope to change my ways this year because the organization is truly dynamic, and I firmly believe it has alot to teach this children's book writer about networking, marketing, and self-promotion.

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