Thursday, April 26, 2007

Career Day, Writing Prompts, and Retreats

I spent much of today finalizing my presentation for tomorrow's Career Day at the girls' school, collecting props for said presentation, and making lists of what I'll need for my SCBWI Illinois writer's retreat over the weekend.

Tomorrow, after chatting with the students about my writer's life, I've allowed time for a writing exercise. With the help of my fifth grader S, I've drafted the beginning of a quirky little story about a fifth grader and her not so ordinary dog, Princess. My plan is to start the groups off with our beginning, then prompt them to help me finish the story. At the end, we'll reread what we've written together. My fingers are crossed that my audience is willing to play, and that we have a good time doing it.

After my stint at Career Day, I plan to head back home, pay bills (never a fun activity, which is why I always put it off till the last minute), finish packing, load the car and head out.

Looking forward to a weekend's worth of uninterrupted time with KM. My butt in chair time this week had been lighter than usual, and my characters are crabby because of it.

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