Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Cleaning and Writerly To-Dos

1. Critique Group today. Looking forward to it, especially the adult conversation, which I've been lacking lately with P out of town.

2. KM cut and paste. I've written so many versions of KM thanks to VC, thanks to my advisors, thanks to my crit group, thanks to the characters who entered the stage of the story with bit parts, but demanded more of the spotlight, that I swear I've written at least a half dozen books. (More if you count the reams of false starts stored on my hard drive. Version a. Version b. Version a1, b1, all the way to Z and back again.)

Anyway, in recent weeks my writing's undergone a shift. I'm now on a treasure hunt of sorts (and a long-overdue spring cleaning), sifting through the drafts on my hard drive (a daunting number), and cutting and pasting key scenes into a centralized folder for a final draft. *claps hands and giggles* Being at this point (instead of just talking about it) means I'm finally closing in on my goal of presenting critique group a bound copy of my book for review prior to submitting it.

3. Speaking of bound copies, crit group member J was the first of us to do this. Two weeks ago she presented us with her freshly printed, neatly assembled YA fantasy to read/review before she shops it around. I so want to do the same thing that I'm convinced J's persistance is urging me on. Which is another reason I love my crit group.

4. Prep for Writer's Retreat. The SCBWI Illinois chapter is hosting a Writer's Retreat the weekend of the 28th. I participated in the last retreat, and came away feeling energized. That's why the moment it came up for registration I jumped at the opportunity to go. Imagine two full days all to yourself. No phones. No car-pooling. No errands. No need to plan meals, cook, or clean up after yourself. Just two glorious, uninterrupted days to write, network with like-minded writers, read, whatever.

Current read: Prom Nights From Hell: Paranormal prom stories by Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Meyer and Lauren Myracle. If the first page from the first story is any indication, I'm in for a thrill ride. (After all, who can resist a prom princess packing an Excaliber Vixen crossbow 285 FPS on the dance floor?)

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