Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Visitor Shines

Shortly after the girls arrived home from school Friday, they were greeted by an unexpected guest. Jewel, E's potential companion dog.

Jewel's trainer, Jack, suggested we try her out for the weekend. Doing so was a bit early in the process, but with Spring Break this week, and Jewel and E bonding so well, he thought the timing made sense.

What a sweet dog. Jewel is bright and strong and gentle, though she outweighs E by at least 20 pounds.

We used the weekend as a dry run on several different levels. To see how Jewel would do with our golden retriever, Buffy, and our cat, Mr. Ginger. To see how E would do with a companion 24/7. To see how we'd tolerate another canine under foot. So far so good. But I have to admit the Jewel-E relationship is still green enough about what's expected that I'm looking forward to Jack's taking the lead again. We return Jewel after tonight's teen group get-together, and service dog training session.

Appetite for writing: None, but I'm not surprised. Too busy with Jewel this weekend, though I'm sure on some level I've been writing oodles behind my back about the adventures of a girl, her friends, and their canine companions.

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Kelly said...

Many stories in this relationship, I'm sure, Kim. Keep up the excellent writing and parenting :)