Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Company, Field Trips, and Writing Together

Met a dear friend, K, at Panera Bread Tuesday. Our goal was simple: keep each other honest about doing the hard work of writing by meeting in a mutual place, sitting butts in chairs, and just doing it.

Universe be praised. No one's kids got sick the night before. No one's car broke down. The school didn't call with concerns about either of our kids. The plan worked.

Amidst the murmur of patrons, clink and clatter of cups and saucers, and heady aroma of fresh brewed coffee, I felt rather like one of the Inklings--or an honorary one, anyway. K mused over her steaming mug of coffee. I sipped English Breakfast tea. We discussed our kids and the business of writing. K shared her frustrations about the challenges of writing historical fiction when few primary sources exist. I talked about the latest incarnation of my fantasy novel. And, surprisingly, we wrote.

Though getting out of the house on time was a bit rushed, moving my writing routine to another venue felt great. The good company and change of place gave me a fresh perspective on my current project, enough so that I'm convinced this crazy quilt of a novel of mine will benefit from adding field trips with K to my writing toolbox.

Current read: Valiant by Holly Black.


Marcin said...

Greetings from Poland :)

Kim Winters said...

A reader from Poland? How awesome! What brings you to Kat's Eye? Are you a reader or writer? Or both?