Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Processing...Processing...Writing When Life Conspires

You know the hourglass icon on the computer--the one that blinks and processes and blinks some more if you give your computer too much to do at once? Something a fellow Vermont College graduate said in a recent email helped me realize my hourglass has blinked constantly--or damn near it--the last six months while dealing with E's health issues.

As my friend so wisely put it, most all of the underground-CPU-work that should have been spent working on revisions, creative, and character was spent coordinating with various doctor's offices, conducting physician visits, keeping level-headed around the kids, and worrying.

No wonder I feel more focused these days. When I refill E's weekly med box, I no longer worry if it'll be the last time I do it. When I order ahead school lunches, I no longer wonder if we'll be at E's bedside when it's time to eat. When I tuck E in bed, I no longer fear what the next day will bring.

Appetite for writing: Bring on the feast.

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