Tuesday, March 07, 2006

E report

E and I met with E's neurosurgeon late last week for a brief follow-up visit. Dr. B was thrilled with E's recovery.

After removing E's stitches, Dr. B sent us home with notes excusing E from gym for the rest of the year, and clearing her to return to physical therapy twice weekly at Easter Seals. Doctor also prescribed an antibiotic for E because a small area of the incision looked a bit red. Dr. B wasn't overly concerned. But as she put it, given E's bronchitis type cough at the time of the visit, and the fact that she's recovering from major surgery, a conservative route made sense.

The meds made a big difference. Overnight, the redness in the incision went down. Two days later, E's cough was much improved, and her fever had broken.

To borrow a phrase from one of my hubby's favorite posters from our college days: Better living through chemistry.

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