Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Amazing Delivery

Our mail carrier delivered a surprise to the door recently. A small, sturdy white cardboard box decorated with cheerful stamps depicting some of today's favorite children's book animals.

The return address? Megan Shull, author of the chicklit hit, Amazing Grace, the book I raced home to save from the rain. The book I squeezed water from, but enjoyed the heck out of anyway.

Inside the box, I found all sorts of goodies, including a dry copy of Amazing Grace.

Thanks, Megan! You made my day. And you made a new fan out of my fourth grader, S. She claimed the copy of Skye's the Limit!, declaring she loves Skye.

I like her, too. She smart and spunky. Reminds me of my girls.

Current read: Meg Cabot's Avalon High, a modern-day twist on the Arthurian legend.

Appetite for writing: On deadline for the new online children's literature magazine, The Edge of the Forest.

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