Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wandering Monsters, Migraines of Unusual Size, Vampires and Pizza

Okay, so, according to the neurologist, the wandering monster that dragged L into the Twilight Zone without warning was a migraine. And not just a classic migraine, mind you. In the spirit of all my girls, whose die rolls seem to win them the rarest types of nasties, L's migraine type is one of the rarest versions: a migraine of unusual size (M.O.U.S.), also known as BAM. No cure with this type--or any type of migraines for that matter. If you get them, you get them for life. Welcome to the club, sweet daughter o' mine.

On an up note, L's likely to grow out of her M.O.U.S.'. On a not-so-up note, she'll likely grow out of them into the more classic version yours truly suffers from--the head-banging, kill-me-now, light-sensitive kind.

Learning you're not invincible isn't the best news to hear at such a tender age, but she's dealing. In fact, P says L's so motivated to put this unscheduled trip to the Twilight Zone behind her, she turned down his offer to take her shopping for snacks and other dorm essentials in order to make her Thursday night date with friends for pizza and volleyball.

That's my girl. Stake that vampire and go get pizza.

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Carlubeezda said...

I've been following the L. story with tense interest. I don't know anything about BAM, but I can say that my lifelong twice-a-week migraines were greatly reduced, hugely reduced, when I started taking Zoloft for depression.

Also, for those occasional migraines I still get, Excedrin Migraine is awesome.