Tuesday, September 19, 2006

History in the Making: Free Online Writer's Conference

Be a part of history in the making. The Muse Online is offering what might very well be the first ever online writer's conference the week of October 9th.

Registration is free. Attendance is free. Topics appear to target all levels of writers. A large number of sessions look well worth the time to "attend." Some are in real time. Others will take place in cyberspace for a week with free downloads to any registered attendees. Opportunities include virtual meet and greets with acquiring editors.

The only downside I've found: So many of the sessions look great, I need a clone in order to attend them all.

See you there.


Lee said...

Thanks for letting us know about this.

Coolshoes said...

Glad to find out about this. A bit confusing how they list various time zones, but I'll adjust. By the way, is it me or does anyone else wonder how it is that we have four time zones in this country -- Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific -- but from one coast to the other, the largest gap in time is three hours....hmmmmm...Oh, I get it now....that's why I do words and not numbers, I guess!! Write on, ladies.

Coolshoes said...

Glad to know about this. Irksome that they list varying time zones. Us WORD folks need specific directions, don't ask us to do the math across four time zones!! If I can figure out what time I should actually go online for each session, I'll be there!