Thursday, April 06, 2006

What Yoga Taught Me About Writing, Part III

I made another connection between yoga and writing recently.

As J was leading us through a series of asanas--from sun salutation to warrior's pose to triangle and back again--something she said resonated with me.

"Yoga is nonjudgmental," she said. "Don't worry about what your neighbors are doing. Don't force the pose. Where you are is right for you."

Where you are is right for you.

After a frustrating day creative wise, the advice was so what I needed to hear that I nearly fell out of downward dog. I moved into warrior's pose, breathing deeper into my lunge, imagining the weight of a blade balanced in my outstretched hand.

J flowed into triangle then back into sun salutation. "Do not force the pose," she said once more. "Honor where you are."

Cue the light-bulb-moment music.

How many times have we compared ourselves to other writers, worried that we're not working hard enough or fast enough to win success at the same rate? Why can't we honor where we are instead of worrying that we'll never be good enough? Who knew that the words I needed to hear that day--the words that have now become my mantra--could be found in such an ancient art?

Honor where you are.

I am so not dropping this class.

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Giff said...

Wow, I have to get my friend into yoga, she's also a writer!!