Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crit groups, Deadlines, and Uninterrupted Sleep

Slept through one of E's med times last night. Woke in a panic two and a half hours later. Found E sleeping comfortably, and cool. Would have done a happy dance if my foot wasn't broken. Hobbled back to bed, and managed to get enough uninterrupted sleep that I can imagine tackling creative after E's visit to the pediatrician this morning.

This is good. Now that I know what chapters and segways I need in order to patch the best of my many versions together, I'm eager to return to my world, and finish the job. Also helps that I face an end-of-the-weekend submission deadline for crit group.

Thank God for crit groups and deadlines. Without them, I'm afraid the distractions of everyday life--like kids and high fevers--would be enough to keep me from the hard work of BIC.

*Raises mug of steaming green tea.* Here's to scenes that sing, and characters that act in character. Happy writing to all.

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