Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lamb Cakes, Mayhem, and the Zone

Yikes, Wednesday already? I've been silent for far too long. I suppose it's to be expected when Easter collides with creative, and exciting things come of it.

Here's what happened:

The girls were home for a long weekend, and since the weekend included Easter prep and Easter, much of our time was spent filling baskets and hopping from one gathering to another.

E's service dog Jewel visited for the weekend, too--her first visit since I broke my foot. Thankfully, I've been in walking boot since Thursday; so, I was able to hobble alongside Jewel correcting her when necessary, and reminding E that commands require a firm, strong voice.

One of Jewel's weekend outings included a Girl Scout meeting Friday night making lamb cakes. Even with another dog in the house, Jewel remained on task, helping E into and out of chairs, retrieving dropped items, and playing with gusto once the vest came off.

In the midst of the mayhem, I've been writing--finally writing for hours at a time--the way I used to write while in hot pursuit of my MFA.

Since graduation, I've longed to return to this place. The writing-in-flow zone. The place where time stops, and the need to return to the story after taking a break wars with the need to return to the real world where meals must be cooked, homework must be done, and the kids need underwear.

Feels good to be back.

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