Thursday, January 19, 2006

Writer Mom BIC Report

So far so good on my writer's resolutions. Keeping BIC (butt in chair) from 10-2 most weekdays, unless it's a crit group or SCBWI meeting day, or E is sick (which happened mid last week).

Met with crit group yesterday for our biweekly lunch critique. A and J are such talented readers and writers, I'm thrilled to be a part of their group. We discussed our work over steaming spoonfuls of J's spicy bean soup. Um-good.

The meeting flew by too quickly. Didn't help that I was interrupted twice by calls from E's teacher, concerned about a headache that didn't go away after Tylenol. I ended up racing home early from crit group to pick E up from school. In my panic that E's shunt might be acting up, or, God forbid, that her aneurysm may no longer be stable, I forgot S had Scouts after school. By the time I figured out what day it was, it was too late to go. Sigh.

I tried being Pooh about the whole thing last night, but I'm afraid the Eeyore side won out. Feeling better today. Missed meetings, forgotten to-dos, neglected projects, and a longer writing process than most--par for a writer mom of a special needs kid.


Anonymous said...


Be Eyore all you want. I think he is cute and loveable. I imagine being a mom of a special needs kid isn't easy and being a writing/mom of a special needs kids must be even more difficult. Hang in there and keep that BIC as much as motherly possible!


Kim Winters said...

Will do. Thanks, Bethany.

David said...

visiting your blog - saying hello