Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Countdown to BIC Time

Two of my girls are at school today--my oldest and youngest. E's at home, enjoying one more day of break. She's in the other room finishing up her toast, and singing to Lizzie McGuire in-between bites. I've been surfing the web, and reading blogs and listserves, including updates from my Vermont College classmates.

Dismayed by how quickly the time has flown by. Yet, I have to admit I'm also excited by what might come out of today's BIC time. Chief on the agenda: pounding out something tangible for my face-to-face crit group.

Countdown to BIC time: T minus four minutes.

More later. Happy writing to all.


jenspraydoe said...

Hi there! Checking up on you, you've been quiet. Your New Year resolutions sound awesome. I want to send out three things a month. Who knows?? :o) The postage should prove to the IRS this is more than just a hobby . . .

Did you find a class yet? Wishing good health and success to you and yours,


Kim Winters said...

Did I find a class yet? Yes, oodles on Writers on the Net.

Have I decided which one to take? The one on plotting looks really good.

I was signed up to take it in October with VC classmate, M, but had to cancel because I learned E needed surgery, and that docs hoped to do it by Thanksgiving. Ends up I couldn't have taken it, but at the time, I couldn't afford dropping the class at the last minute.

The upcoming class is in Feb. or March. Want to take it with me? Unfortunately, I can't make a final decision until we get a surgery date for E.

I hate waiting. It's so hard to plan ahead, and I hate to commit to anything when I might have to bail. I swear, some days my whole life feels like a holding pattern.
But, hey, at least I've got a realistic New Year's plan, and for now, it's working.

Kim Winters said...

FYI, the web address for Writers on the Net is www.writers.com.