Thursday, January 05, 2006

BIC Report, Crit Group, and a New Toy

So far so good on keeping BIC. Hours logged on creative so far this week: 8 1/2.

Not bad, considering my total doesn't include Monday, which P and I spent with the girls doing things like lounging till late morning in our pjs, and heading out early that afternoon to see The Chronicles of Narnia.

Keeping to my 10-2 schedule, breaking only for pit stops and lunch. Made good progress on Keeper the last couple days. Clarified the questions that arose after the opening was read out loud and discussed at the November SCBWI conference.

Current read: Three Fates, adult fiction by Nora Roberts, who also happens to write kick-butt sci-fi/fantasy under the pen name of J.D. Robb.

Today's agenda:

Crit group--We meet later this am. Eager to hear how the revisions are received. If I'm working in the right direction, I'll be that much closer to sending my work to the editors who have requested it.

New toy--Since the drive to crit group is on the longish side, I'm planning to test out a new toy--a digital recorder from P. It's a nifty little device, capable of recording up to eight hours of ideas, lectures, and whatnot. It also allows me to download my notes to the computer via a wave file when I'm done. Very cool. Better than swerving into traffic each time I try to write down ideas the old-fashioned way.

Edited to add:
Back from crit group. Definitely headed in the right direction with my chapter. Yes!

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