Friday, December 02, 2005

Location, Location, Location

What a difference a change in location makes. Writing from Panera Bread this morning. The bottomless, steaming cup of green tea is a welcome respite given today's near-zero wind chill. And the steady stream of people buzzing in and out sounds and feels like a vibrant community.

Puts me in mind of Capitol Grounds, the great coffee bar located near the capitol dome in downtown Montpelier, Vermont. It's a common gathering place for Vermont College students looking for a decent cup of coffee, tea, latte or iced chai. And it's a good excuse for an outing during Residency--winter or summer.

I've a feeling my reminiscing about Vermont College today is stronger than usual for a number of reasons. First, I finally finished my first run through of Kathi Appelt's lecture on controlling belief and character. Very compelling ideas she sets forth on the need for all characters in children's books to hold one controlling belief. With it, an MC can drive a story. Without it, an MC becomes so passive, a story will drive her. Hmmm. I plan to listen again before making a more complete post on the subject.

Another reason for my VC musings: Cynthia Leitich Smith's online interview with writer and Vermont College MFA in Writing for Children faculty chair Kathi Appelt about the VC MFA in Writing for Children program. Makes me faklempt and proud and so honored to have had the opportunity to experience VC. Surf on over and take a look. It's good reading.

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