Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Packing list for doctor's visit

I plan to bring along the following tomorrow for our visit to Dr. L:

1. Backback--for my stuff and E's. E does pretty well on her own with cane in hand, but she's sure to need an extra hand navigating the sidewalks in and around Children's Memorial once tomorrow's snowstorm starts.

2. Files--multiple--containing all my notes, copies of tests, medical records, etc. about Elena's old aneurysm and her current one.

3. Playing cards--S's Winnie-the-Pooh deck if she'll let us--for all the waiting I'm expecting to do. (And I have to admit, having those particular cards with us tomorrow makes sense on so many different levels.)

4. Book to read (after E tires of playing War). Already packed: Goodbye, Charley by VC classmate and fellow graduate, Jane Buchanan.

5. Meds--E's--in case the heavy part of the storm hits during our drive back, and E ends up needing her afternoon dose before we get home.

6. Cooler--with snacks and drinks--so we're not caught empty-handed should we get stuck in traffic on the drive back from downtown Chicago.

7. Barbara Park's books on tape, Cheater Pants and One-Man Band, in case E tires of her Cheetah Girls' Cheetah-licious Christmas CD.

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Carol said...

Hi Kim,
That is great she got in for an earlier appointment.