Tuesday, December 27, 2005

On the road again

We've been spending a lot of time in the car the last few days, driving to this celebration and that. My sister hosted Christmas for my side of the family this year. What a spread she put out. Italian beef sandwiches. Steaming spaghetti sauce over angel hair pasta. Fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Fresh-cut veggies and dip. Italian pastries and not so Italian, but just-as-good-because-they're-tradition crescents, iced sugar cookies, kolachkies (sp?), chocolate chip cookie bars, and more.

All my sisters were there, even B and J and their kids from Arizona. Visiting with everyone is always a blast, especially hearing their versions of events from our growing-up days. Not only are their stories a constant reminder of the good times we had, they're proof of the differing points of view people bring to an event and take away from it.

Edited to add:
On the menu for today--
Though I'm hungry for writing, I'll probably have little time, energy, or opportunity to do so. We're off to Children's Memorial for the second of E's required specialist visits prior to surgery. We expect to spend most of the day there.

First up is prerequisite testing for the last specialist we saw. Then we get a face to face with the GI doc. My fingers are crossed we get in and out quickly. I'm planning to take along my journal in case I have free time to jot down ideas or impressions of our visit. Or anything else for that matter.

Edited to add:
Didn't have time to crack the binding.

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