Thursday, December 08, 2005

Checking In, and searching for honey with Pooh

No word yet on a new date for the surgery.

The lead surgeon's office has been playing telephone tag with the other surgeon since the Monday after Thanksgiving. (By the way, the lead surgeon has said she won't--absolutely won't--operate until the other surgeon is at her side. If that means waiting till March when he's free, we wait till March. The lead doc thinks we shouldn't have to wait that long.) The best I can get from her office for a target date is sometime in January. Until then we're to go about as usual.

Whatever that is.

My inner Eeyore wants to crawl back under the covers. My inner Pooh wants to use our free time to go out searching for honey. I'm heading out in search of honey. Our local SCBWI group meets this am.

I SOOOO need this meeting.


Carol said...

Hi Kim,
My name is Carol.
I am the conductor of the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band. I choose a friendless site to feature every Friendly Friday.
You have been nominated for the featured Friendless Site.
Being nominated as a friendless site only means that your blog
doesn't have many comments but you have been singled out as being
worthy of more attention.
I hope you will come play along.

I am so glad that you chose the honey! Hope you had an edifying evening.

Barbara said...

Kim - Here with Carol's FFMB. Congratulations!

Mango Lane said...

Hello. I`m the flag bearer for the Friendless marching band. You seem to be dealing with a very difficult time in your life with grace, dignity and eloquence. Reading your account of your family`s struggle reminds me that life cannot be taken for granted. I will pray for your child`s well being.

Lazy Daisy said...

Kim, Wow girlfriend....please, please continue to write. I'm amazed at your words and overwhelmed by your situation.

If God is more concerned with developing your character than changing your situation ....your character is already golden( and I will pray for your situation!)

I'm here with the band...Kathy

ry said...

here with the ffmb
am rooting for you
here's hoping your meeting with hte scbwi is wonderful and just what you need :)

Kim Winters said...

Carol, Barbara, Mango Lane, Kathy, and RY, thanks for chiming in and giving my blog a thumbs up. Your kudos means a lot. :)


Rhiannon said...

Hi Kim, I'm from the FFMB also. I play the piano "on wheels"! Hope you will join and play an instrument of your choice?.:o)

I can relate to the writers block we all get sometimes due to "other stuff" going on. When I get the urge I just go for it even if I'm in a parking lot or whatever! Keep that pad and pen handy. When my poetic thoughts come to my mind I have to get it down ASAP! Its hard sometimes though I know when "life" is there to be handled on a regular basis.

Sounds like your going through a lot, hope things work out and the surgery turns out well for all concerned.

With Angel Blessings,

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

welcome to the band!

mompoet said...

Hi Kim, I'm mompoet from Carol's band. I play the kazoo. I think that you are doing a wonderful thing continuing to pursue your creative life, even at this most difficult time in the life of your family. How fortunate your children are to know and learn this by seeing you in action.

Carol said...

Hi Kim,
I hope you enjoyed Friendly Friday. If you like, we all would be very pleased if you joined the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog stating that you would like to be a member and choose an instrument to play. As you might've noticed, this can be anything!
Then join us when we visit the friendless on Fridays.

Keep up the good writing and I will be praying for your daughter's surgery.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am a Friend Of The Friendless Marching Band and just stopping by to say Hello and encourage you to come on by and visit sometime.
What is the operation for, if I am not being too personal?
Good to be here!

Stephen said...

I'm Stephen and I play the baritone. I'll echo what's already been said.. keep writing.