Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Primal Scream

Another month in the Twilight Zone? Another freaking month?!

E, bless her heart, is oblivious to all the wrangling we've been doing via the phone to set up a new surgical date to clip her aneurysm. One of the specialists--the GI doc--can see E the first week of December. The other one doesn't have an opening until January 4th.

Hello? This is the soonest they can see a child who has an aneurysm cooking inside her head? Doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math. Elective surgery or not, a month is too freaking long to wait, hoping all the while the thing doesn't call everyone's bluff by bursting.

And what if the doc doesn't clear E right away? What if he orders more tests before he feels comfortable enough to bless the surgery?

No way. I refuse. I'm not waiting another month. I've put a call into E's old kidney specialist, Dr. C, the one who saw her after the first aneurysm rupture back in 2001, the one who ordered the blood pressure medicine in the first place. We haven't seen him for a couple years because a change in our health insurance forced us to find another team.

He's good. He's thorough. He and E share a history. Maybe, since he's seen the downside of an aneurysm rupture, he'll appreciate E's current health situation enough to fit her into his schedule ASAP.

Appetite for writing:
Hopeful (especially now that I've finished ranting)

Edited to add:
Leaving soon to catch up on errands. Planning to listen to Kathi Appelt's tape on character and controlling belief while in the car. Musings on her lecture and how it applies to my writing to follow in a later post.

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