Tuesday, November 22, 2005


We were still in the driveway. The girls were buckled up, ready to drive to E's zero-hour test. I had yet to slide into the front seat when my cell phone rang.

Bottom line: Surgery's off. The why of it is too long and complicated and justified to get into.

Current mood:
Picture the hour glass icon on your computer screen, the one that appears whenever the computer's thinking. Or freezing up. That's me.


Maechell said...

I am sorry to hear they have postponed the surgery. I know how it is. I supposed count your bessings that she does not have to do it now, maybe when she does have it she will have an easier time than she would have had if she had the surgery now. I have been following your story and lurking for several days now. I have read all of your previous posts, you and your family are in my and my family's prayers.

Sharry said...

Dear Kim, I am so sorry about this roller coaster ride you've all been on. I pray that this is somehow a blessing in disguise? You, Elena and all of your family are in my thoughts, prayers and the warm wishing pocket of my heart.