Monday, November 28, 2005

Writing Behind My Back

In the midst of our roller coaster ride with E, I find myself thinking a lot lately about Kathi Appelt's notion of controlling belief in character-driven fiction.

Seems an unlikely pairing, our family's roller coaster ride and fiction. Yet, the connections keep coming. Between my belief that we were back to normal, and the conflict that arose after learning I was wrong. Between E's journey and my own. Between my personal experience and the main characters in my stories. The relationships between them all is undeniable, proof that I've been writing, or, at the very least, thinking about writing, behind my back.

It this it? Is this the connection my Vermont College advisors hoped I would internalize before graduation?

Very intrigued by how this concept will strengthen the emotional throughline of my current work-in-progress. More later, after I listen to Kathi's entire July Residency lecture on the subject.

Appetite for writing: Hungry

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Homie Bear said...

Have you read Julia Cameron? She's got me thinking about . . . well, it's hard to articulate since it sounds kind of strange, but basically the mystical side of writing. She basically says, the universe helps us write. Which is just her way of observing how everything seems to gel in interesting ways when we decide to write.