Monday, September 08, 2008

Checking in and Writing What I Know

E missed three school days last week thanks to a nasty cold, which meant my writing had to take a back seat. Rather than frustrate myself by trying to work on KM while E was actively sick, I turned to a number of shorter pieces that I've been meaning to tackle. One of the first jobs I targeted: a query and five first-draft articles for a new zine that's slated to hit the web soon called Good Days Bad Days.

Talk about writing what you know! The zine will target children aged 5-13 with chronic or terminal physical conditions. Having lived the ins and outs of E's aneurysms for seven years now, I'm confident I can speak from the trenches on this one, and, more importantly, help E to do the same.

In addition to drafting articles for several other writing projects I've been meaning to pursue, I continued work on the presentation J and I are making at the Illinois Library Association meeting in downtown Chicago later this month about teen writers' workshops.

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