Thursday, September 25, 2008

ILA, First dates, First Cuts, and Good News!

Illinois Library Association report:
J's and my presentation at ILA yesterday about youth and teen writers' workshops went quite well yesterday. It felt a bit like planes, trains and bicycles getting to Navy Pier by 8:15 to meet K. (Jen had to leave her house by 5:30 to get to my house by 6, etc.) We beat the morning rush, and made it to our room at the far end of the Pier with enough time to set up and find coffee before the session started. Nearly 50 turned out to hear our workshop. Two came in to find seats a good 45 minutes before start time. And despite the fact that people at the session next door were learning to entertain younger youth by eating cake, playing games, and singing songs like "Take me out to the ballgame" at the top of their lungs, only a couple people left early and the time flew by. Attendees indulged us as we led them through some of the exercises our teens use to build stories and unblock their creativity. Overall feedback was positive. One down one to go. Next up: Saint Xavier University's Harvest Literacy Conference in mid October. Same topic. Shorter session. Which means we have some editing to do between now and then.

First dates:
Our middle daughter E had her first official date last weekend. Mr. K did it right by asking E to homecoming in a big way. The week before the dance he arrived in biology class with a dozen roses in hand, and popped the question. As you can tell from the picture, the fact that they went as good friends didn't bother E at all. She was in seventh heaven, and claims they've already made plans to go out again. This time to a home football game where she will wear his jersey.

First Cuts:
This little header is last but not least. It refers to the good news I found in my email box this a.m. The short story I submitted at the end of last month to Chicken Soup for the Soul for one of their books in progress, Power Moms, is being considered for publication. Woohoo!

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Jane Buchanan said...

hey, kim, that's great news about your story!