Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strange Candy, Teen Writers, and Deadlines, Oh My

Popping in with a brief update on how I've been spending my time since ILA. After channeling most all my creative energies into the presentation with J, I've been recuperating, shoveling out my office, and:

1. Flying high since learning that my short story is a finalist for Power Moms, a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book scheduled for release in March 2009.

2. Planning for and co-leading last Friday's Teen Writers' Workshop. Old and new faces joined us to discuss the ins and outs of getting published. The group especially enjoyed the cover letter exercise in which we discussed what not to do when presenting your work. Then we pretended we'd written Twilight and needed to "sell" the story idea to an editor.

3. Playing nursemaid to E who began hacking and coughing over the weekend and is now home sick and miserable with a nasty sinus infection.

4. Escaping into a variety of books. Two of the most recent: Laurell K. Hamilton's provocative short story collection Strange Candy, and, because I've needed an extra boost of late, Writer Mama by Christina Katz.

5. Finalizing another short story in hopes of sending it off by the end of today for consideration for Cup of Comfort, an inspirational series similar in tone and presentation to Chicken Soup for the Soul. The book I'm writing for will be marketed to parents of special needs children. Despite operating on minimal sleep thanks to E's latest illness, my muse remains motivated by the thought of finishing the piece on time. On that note, time to return butt in chair.

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