Monday, March 26, 2007

One Writer's Rationalization: Why Being Sick For a Week is Good Thing

E missed the entire week of school last week.

An entire week.

Normally, I'm able to write through E's illnesses. Not this time. The round-the-clock nursing required to keep E comfortable sapped me so completely that the need to sleep when E did trumped any hope of working on KM. I lived with this--accepted it as an inevitable part of my process--until Thursday or so when a mutated form of E's bug infected P and I.

Then I got mad--or would have--if I hadn't felt so crappy.

So, instead of spending the weekend catching up on writing and promised SCBWI-Illinois work, I hacked and coughed and tagged-teamed with P for the right to crawl under the covers, all the while attempting not to reinfect E.

One saving grace: E continued to get better despite our rotating sick ward.

Another saving grace: Friday's teen writer's group was a hoot, and the library asked us to extend our run indefinitely. Woohoo! A paying gig. How cool is that?

And yet another: This most recent illness of E's was her first sick week for the school year, making a comparison to last school year statistically remarkable. By this time last year, E had missed multiple weeks, enough that by the end of the school year illness had kept her away 25 percent of the time.

Hear that KM characters? In a weird warped way, the fact that last week was the first E missed this school year is encouraging news. Good news. Fighting news.

And now that we're all in a fighting mood, there's the matter of the sub for next week's crit group. Before we can finish it up I need to face my inner critic. It escaped its cage last week, and is more than a bit feisty about being returned to it.

So, I need a favor of sorts. Shouldn't take long, and might even be therapeutic. Take up a sword (there are plenty of them laying about the stage of the story) and help me subdue this foul beasty.


Kelly said...

Even though it's encouraging news as far as E is concerned, Kim...still losing a week to illness is a bummer. Hope you're all feeling better soon!!

Kim Winters said...

Thanks for the note, Kelly. Looking forward to sitting down at the computer without the need to pry open my eyelids with toothpicks.