Thursday, March 01, 2007

Coaxing the Muse

E's fever broke late yesterday afternoon. She's wilty now after four days on Motrin and Tylenol at 103. But we're seeing signs of recovery--less coughing and a tad more energy. And her appetite's returning (which is good given the fact that at her extremely small size she has so few reserves to begin with.)

Thank you, God. This news is good. No, not good. Excellent.

*Hovers over her computer, glances longingly at her idea spiral.* With the right amount of coaxing I might just convince my characters to come out of hiding long enough to write something today.

*Gestures wildly to win the attention of her retreating muse.* Wait. Listen. The words don't need to be great. They don't even need to be meaningful. All I'm asking is two pages.

Just give me two pages inside KM, and I'll go to bed content.

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