Friday, March 02, 2007

On Deadline Days and Herding Cats

On deadline today for:

1. Two articles for the upcoming issue of Edge of the Forest Children's Literature Magazine. By the way, did you know you can subscribe to the Forest for free? Don't miss the next issue. Surf on over and sign up today.

2. Revisions and another new chapter of KM for critique group. Subs are due at least a couple days ahead of time. We meet next Wednesday. So far so good on making this deadline. (As long as E continues her recovery, and my characters continue to grace me with their company. ) Knocking on wood. Crossing fingers and toes.
Edited to add: Did I mention S and E are home today because of a teacher's institute day at school? Marking off a to-do list on days like today reminds me of the feeling one experiences when herding cats.

Current read: The Wall and the Wing by Laura Ruby.

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