Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Resale Frenzy, Retreat Prep, and Play

Wow. Summer's supposed to be a break from the frenzy of the school year, isn't it? Instead, I seem to be even busier now. On tap this week (and I know I'm forgetting something):

1. Continued recovery/clean-up from Saturday's grad bash for my oldest, E. I still can't believe she's leaving for Marquette in a couple months.

2. Prep for our church youth group's annual rummage sale, held this coming weekend during Lockport's Canal Days celebration. The resale requires a week's worth of sorting and pricing, but the work doesn't go unrewarded. Inevitably, the sale's arrival forces us to sort through yet another basement room for boxes of someone else's treasure, and on average, the group raises $1,000 or more to put toward its biennial trip to work at Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.

3. Service Dog Walk-Through -- scheduled for 1 p.m. today at E's school. On the agenda: recreating E's day--from arrival on the bus to lunch to classroom, brainstorming about how Jewel will be used in each activity, and discussing basics like where the dog will be able to take a much needed break midday (and who will clean it up?) In May, the school administration came to the table believing the dog a liability instead of an opportunity. P and I are hoping that the resource packet we sent to the superintendent's attention on E's last day enlightened everyone. My thanks to the Delta Society here for its excellent website on the benefits and whys of service animals. My fingers and toes are crossed that the school has come to its senses.

4. C's First Annual Writer's Retreat. This week I'm frantically paying bills, writing up schedules, packing, and planning for a reunion and writer's retreat with eight former classmates from Vermont College. The retreat will be held in Victoria, British Columbia. Former classmate C is graciously hosting and planning the affair which will include time for writing, workshops, discussion of craft, and more. The week's theme: Play.

5. Critique Group Submission. Due yesterday. Sent very rough copy for a new project--a contemporary novel told from the point of view of the young girl who stepped forward the other day. Curious that this story is finally ready to be told.

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