Thursday, June 08, 2006

Birthdays and Wishes

My youngest turns 10 today. She's absolutely giddy. And why not? After day camp, E met her at the door with a balloon bouquet and a sweet white Beanie Baby kitten. She's double digits for the first time in her life. A handful of friends will arrive in a ten minutes time for cake and merriment. And chocolate chip cookie cake is cooling on the counter.

Last year at this time, I spent nearly every waking minute fingers to keyboard finishing up my creative thesis so I could graduate in time. Though we managed to host the requisite birthday parties and whatnots, most everything felt so rushed I vowed to find a happy medium between my family and writing life after graduation.

Unfortunately, my plan fell flat within weeks, after learning about E's aneurysm, and we embarked on what ended up a six-month odyssey of tests, physicians, follow-ups, false hopes, and, finally, surgery.

As S blows out her candles today, I'll be making a wish of my own: that with E finally in such a good place, and S coming into her own, they be graced with the time to enjoy it.

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