Friday, August 08, 2008

Writer Mom's Mini Break--One Way to Silence the Inner Critic and Honor the Process

Not too long ago, I caught myself lamenting my ability to write more, produce more, submit more.

What's wrong with me? I wondered. How is it that my colleagues--especially fellow writer moms--can find the time they need to sit-butt-in-chair each day, but I can't?

I wallowed in these thoughts and others until I connected the time of year with my mood. It's August. Self-defeating thoughts like this tend to find me this time of year. Why I didn't make the connection sooner is better left for another post.

Bottom line: the summer is winding down. The girls' thoughts have turned to school and the need to fit as much into the waning summer as possible. This has translated into busier days, and little time (or energy) leftover for doing the hard work of writing.

Once I realized where my mood had come from, I refused to wallow any longer. E returns to school the end of next week. S the week after that. During my morning-pages time the next day, I gave myself (and my muse) permission to to take a mini break until school starts.

My muse has been smiling ever since.

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