Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cooking up Tasty Revisions? Toes and Fingers Crossed

E's at school. Errands are done. S is sprawled on the sofa doodling in her sketch pad. Dinner's cooking, thanks to my trusty crock pot and a favorite recipe from Sparkpeople.

On the menu writing-wise: continued re-visioning of my current work-in-progress. Toes and fingers crossed that my muse joins me for this session.

On the menu for dinner: White Bean Chili . It's scrumptious and easy. I add a pound of ground turkey to the pot and voila! instant meal in a bowl.


Anonymous said...

Yay, Sparkpeople! I think it looks delicious, but sadly, I don't think anyone else in my family would eat it but me.

Kim Winters said...

My oldest is the finicky one of the family. She's gotten much better, but when she was little, she insisted that all foods be separated. My younger two are willing to eat just about far.