Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Words in the Woods, part one

Words in the Woods left my muse so energized and exhausted that by the time I rolled up to P's folk's house to collect S and E for the drive home, all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa and sleep. I would have if Buffy, our golden retriever, wasn't waiting for us at home.

Before hitting the road, P's folks ordered up a fried chicken dinner from the Wedge Drive In, one of the local diners in town. This place is a story all on its own. Picture a typical greasy spoon, the kind you see in the movies, then place it in a double-wide trailer in the middle of corn country. No joke.

The food and conversation revived me well enough to face the three-hour drive home. Once there, we tossed the bags in the front hall, scrounged up some sort of dinner (I honestly don't remember what we found in the fridge), and crawled into bed.

Monday came too early. E boarded the bus to summer school on her old scooter because we forgot the key to the new one at the folks' house. E came home from school coughing and cranky. By the time dinner came around she was spiking a temperature requiring round the clocks meds to control. Yippee. Let's hear it for ear infections.

Stay tuned. I plan to post highlights from the retreat as soon as I reclaim enough brain cells to do so.

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