Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laundry, Lawns, Resales and Mulberries

On the to-do list between now and tomorrow's writing retreat:

1. Laundry--started but not yet done. Packing it into suitcases as soon as it's folded. A few more loads left to do.

2. Lawn--day three of cutting the grass. On a good day, the job takes two hours. Unfortunately, between the church resale and prep for the upcoming writer's retreat, my available daylight time has been extremely limited. I managed to cut the top hill two days ago. The front yard and the low part of the hill the day before that. My hope is to finished the rest today. (If we wait until we get back, we'll need a thresher.)

3. Mulberries--Maybe all the rain we've been getting here in the Midwest does have a plus side. The mulberry trees along the creek on the way into town are brimming with fruit. E made sure to point them out as we walked to church to help out at the resale last night. In the next few days, the fruit should be ready for harvest. Since berry picking is one of E's favorite things to do, I'm certain she won't let me forget.

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Jim D said...

Hope the retreat was great for you!

Jim D