Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How do you create a space for your writing?

Ever wonder how other writers create a space for their writing? Not a physical space, an emotional one. A space sacred enough to permit you/urge you/inspire you to write every day no matter what. Kelly Herold of Big A little a asked the question of her readers not too long ago. The answers she received were inspiring. Want to see for yourself? Check out her October 29th and November 7th posts. Follow the links from there.

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Lisa R. said...

Maybe the more appropriate question is, in a life filled with children (and sometimes their special needs), work, marriage, and the general tediousness of running a household, how does one carve out emotional space for ANYTHING? Like deep thinking, close reading, in-person friendships, spirituality -- all of it?

The more I "find time" for writing, the more I am aware of all that I don't have time for -- I don't mean TV or shopping -- but enriching activities that might enhance my life (and probably my writing too for that matter).

For me, the "answer" to finding the emotional space/time to write is to talk less and think/listen more; to jot down thoughts so as to make more "space" in my brain for new ones; driving in silence or with instrumental music instead of keeping the news on; and sometimes just doing nothing - even if only for 10 minutes (waiting in the car pool line at my kids' school is ideal for this).
I'm lucky, I guess. I just don't sleep much.