Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Colds, Peppermint Oil, and the Writer's Life

E's illness was followed closely on the heels by P who nursed a mug 'o tea most of Thanksgiving Day with my family. Now that they're both on the mend (P went to the doctor on Sunday and the antibiotics are finally kicking in), I've a snuffy nose and sinus pressure. Yeah me. Splashed a few drops of essential peppermint oil on a square of cloth last night and tacked it near my head. Amazed at how well the vapors worked at keeping my nose clear so I could breath. Unfortunately, the snuffy nose now includes a headache. Fingers are crossed that this bug packs its bags rather than taking up residence. Critique group is tomorrow and teen writer's group is Friday, and, quite frankly, I'd rather not miss either of them.

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