Thursday, October 04, 2007

Writer-ly Report--Burning Water In the Zone

Well, dang, I haven't burned water in months. It happened yesterday. (The equivalent of it anyway.)

I was deep into KM--so deep that I forgot I had a family. When the time came to pick my youngest up from school...well, let's just say she called me from the office a half hour after school let out to give me grief.

A fight scene was to blame. It's a turning point in the story, the place where my main character realizes there be monsters in the world. Blades were crossing, blood was flowing, and wham, the phone rang.

Crap, do I lose more mom points if I admit that I nearly let the answering machine pick up rather than risk losing the zone I'd entered? Call it fate, luck, or a guilty muse that didn't want me jailed for neglect (not until after this current rewrite anyway.) Whatever the reason, I took the call.

Thankfully S--herself an aspiring writer--is understanding about her mom's obsession.

Note to self: set an alarm next time.

edited at 11:48 p.m.

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